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Tino Buffing Cloth x4

Tino Buffing Cloth x4

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The Tino Buffing Cloth utilizes the most leading-edge microfiber technology and innovations. Edgeless and ultra-soft, the Tino Buffing Cloth effortlessly glides across surfaces in the safest and most efficient manner.

Furthermore, this premium microfiber cloth contains a high pile side and a low pile side, allowing for great versatility in use.

Perfect for the final stages of the detail, removing any polish or waxes

How to Use

1. Clean and polish, wax or coat vehicle

2. Buff off product from vehicle using the Tino Buffing cloth


Clean in washing machine using heat below 40°c.

Pro Tip

Fold the Tino Buffing Cloth in quarters and utilize each side when buffing the vehicle