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Tino Ceramic Tyre Shine

Tino Ceramic Tyre Shine

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Tino Ceramic Tyre Shine is an advanced formula that allows you to effortlessly shine, darken, nourish and protect your tyres.

Once applied to the vehicle, the tyres will have a long lasting, non slinging, wet look shine. Matt/satin finishes are also achievable with a quick wipe of the cloth.

Furthermore the ceramic protection will keep your tyres cleaner and darker for long periods of time.

How to Use

1. Ensure tyre is clean and dry

2. Fill small container with 1cm Tino Ceramic Tyre shine

3. Dunk Tino Tyre Shine Brush into container (alternatively you can spray tyre shine directly onto the brush)

4. Push brush fibres along side of container to release excess tyre shine on brush

5. Coat entire tyre using the brush

6. Wipe-off any excess run-off on rims

7. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes

Pro Tip

You can also use the Tino Ceramic Tyre Shine to darken and restore exterior plastic on your vehicle.