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Tino Clay Towel

Tino Clay Towel

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EFFECTIVENESS: The Tino Clay Towel deeply cleans and decontaminates the surface you use it on to greatly enhance the smoothness, gloss, and clarity to your vehicle

TIME-SAVING: The Tino Clay Towel can allow you to clay your car in less than half the amount of time that a normal clay bar would take. For example, a traditional clay bar that takes over 1 hour can be done in under 20 minutes.

DURABILITY: The Tino Clay Towel can be re-used on up to 50 cars and unlike a traditional clay bar, if you drop it on the floor, you don't need to throw it away, just rinse it off thoroughly and you are good to go.

SAFETY: Due to the advanced design of the Tino Clay Towel, claying your car is a lot safer and marring is reduced by up to 99% as dirt and contamination is trapped into the small holes where it cannot then scrape into the paintwork. Also, lubrication is greatly increased as opposed to a traditional clay bar

VERSATILITY: You can use a wider variety of chemicals to replace traditional clay lube and add more cleaning power as due to the durability of the claying material, it is a lot less likely to disintegrate, unlike traditional clay bars.

How to Use

1. First clean and chemically decontaminate your car

2. Next, you need to lubricate your vehicle with clay lubrication of choice,

3. Then you fold your clay towel in quarters and clay the vehicle going in a crosshatch pattern (up and down, left and right).

4. Constantly lubricate the panel you are working on and change the side of the tino clay towel between sections. Rinse it with water once you have used each side of the tino clay towel

5. Once complete, you either rinse the car off or just dry it with a microfiber drying towel

6. Proceed to polish the vehicle


Rinse the clay towel before and after each use.

ONLY use after properly washing and chemically decontaminating a vehicle.

DO NOT apply pressure when using. Doing otherwise may result in visible paint damage.

DO NOT store under direct sunlight.

DO NOT use if car paint is not 100% clean

DO NOT use when the surface temperature of the vehicle is over 120'F.

DO NOT use if rubber polymer is tacky and soft.

Pro Tip

A great way of storing the Tino Clay Towel is by placing it face down onto a microfiber cloth, then rolling this up and placing it in a clean and dry location.