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Tino Coloured Snow Foam Bundle

Tino Coloured Snow Foam Bundle

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All 4 of our Tino Coloured Snow Foams : Green, Yellow, Blue & Pink. (500ml per bottle)

Tino Coloured Snow Foam is a high quality, colourful snow foam, which is used as a pre wash in order to safely loosen, encapsulate and break down dirt on a vehicle.

Thick, foamy and colourful, the Tino Coloured Snow Foam is not only a stunning sight to behold, it also uses the latest technology to provide an ultimate pre wash helps remove a large amount of dirt, dust and grime prior to the following stages of the wash

How to Use

1. Shake Well then dilute 1:8 (1 part product and 8 parts water) in a snow foam lance and shake well again.

2. Spray entire vehicle using snow foam lance

3. Remove thoroughly using a pressure washer

4. Wash, rinse and dry the vehicle ensuring there is no product left in any area of the vehicle or surroundings, including engine bay, floor and door shut

Do Not use on: interior surfaces, matt/satin finishes, fabrics, soft top roof

Pro Tip

Use the Tino Coloured snow foams to gain attention for your business