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Tino Detailing Brush

Tino Detailing Brush

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ULTRA SOFT: Can be used on a wide range of materials without causing scratches

VERSATILE: Can be used wet or dry also can be used on the exterior and interior

NO METAL: Only soft plastic to minimize the chance of scratching

CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Can be used with your favourite chemicals

ERGONOMIC: Designed to fit well in the hand, reducing fatigue while using it, providing for a comfortable user experience

How to Use

1. Dry use (interior):
Use the Tino Detailing Brush to remove dust in the surfaces of your interior, such as the dash, vents and infotainment system

2. Wet use (interior):
Use with your favourite interior product to clean interior surfaces, such as leather seats, plastics, vinyl

3. Wet use (exterior):
Use during the hand washing stage with shampoo to agitate and clean the harder to reach cracks and crevices of your exterior, such as emblems, seals and logos


Easy to clean, just rinse with water and allow to dry

Pro Tip

Use the large Tino Detailing Brush for wet use and the Small Tino Detailing Brush for dry use.