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Tino Dirt Remover (500ml)

Tino Dirt Remover (500ml)

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Tino Dirt Remover is an advanced formula, designed to be diluted with water and used to easily soften, break down & remove dirt, traffic film & contamination.

How to Use

Exterior Use:

1.Dilute product 1:4 with water (or 1:2 for heavily soiled cars) and shake well.
2.Spray the lower portions of the vehicle with Tino Dirt Remover.
3.Rinse off the vehicle immediately and do not let any product dry on vehicle
4.Proceed to next steps of the detail

Interior Use:

1.Dilute product 1:20 and shake well.
2.Spray product onto desired carpet or plastic and clean and then dry with a microfiber cloth.
(Do not use on leather, screens or any delicate surfaces)

Pro Tip

For extra cleaning power and dwell time, apply Tino Snow Foam on top of the Tino Dirt Remover