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Tino Exterior Cloth x4

Tino Exterior Cloth x4

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The Tino Exterior Cloth utilizes the most leading-edge microfiber technology and innovations.

Edgeless and ultra-soft, the Tino Exterior Cloth effortlessly glides across surfaces in the safest and most efficient manner. Furthermore, this premium microfibre cloth contains a high pile side and a low pile side, allowing for great versatility in use.

Perfect for the final touches of the wash, removing any imperfections and applying your favourite sealant/detailer

How to Use

How to Use:

1. Ensure vehicle is clean

2. Spray exterior panel with Tino Exterior Detailer (alternatively you can spray product directly to Tino Exterior cloth to avoid over-spray)

3. Wipe over with a clean Tino Extetior Cloth

4. Turn Tino Exterior Cloth over to a dry side and buff off (alternatively you can also use a separate cloth if preferred)


Clean in washing machine using heat below 40°c.

Pro Tip

For more delicate surfaces, use the high pile (plush) side of the Tino Exterior Cloth while for more rugged/rough surfaces, use the low pile side.