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Tino Exterior Detailer

Tino Exterior Detailer

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Tino Exterior Detailer is a revolutionary and advanced formula that allows you to effortlessly apply an amazing shine and protection to your vehicle.

Once applied to the vehicle, the enhanced gloss will be clearly visible on the paintwork as
water will also begin to bead and/or sheet off of the vehicle, This allows the car to stay cleaner for longer and also allows the car to have a level of protection against the elements.

Tino Exterior Detailer is extremely easy to use and leaves no streaks or marks, it only leaves a mirror like finish behind.

How to Use

1.Ensure vehicle is clean

2.Spray exterior panel with Tino Exterior Detailer (alternatively you can spray product directly to Tino Exterior Cloth to avoid over-spray)

3.Wipe over with the Tino Exterior Cloth

4.Turn Cloth over to a dry side and buff off (alternatively you can also use a separate cloth if preferred)

5.Enjoy the shine and protection

Pro Tip

The Tino Exterior detailer can also be used as a drying aid, allowing you to effortlessly add shine and protection while you dry the car with the Tino Drying Towel.