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Tino Head Light

Tino Head Light

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Illuminate your workspace: The Tino Head Light can light up a dark environment and allow you to perform tasks effectively.

Motion Sensor: You can wave your hand next to the motion sensor to turn the light on or off. You can activate or deactivate the motion sensor whenever you like with a simple click of a button

230° Light Angle Beam: Increases your field of view and provides an even beam of light.

Secondary focused light beam: Allows you to key in on a specific area using a more focused beam of light.

Comfortable: Lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

Water Resistant: With a rating of IPX4, the Tino Head Light can withstand dust and splashes from all directions

Versatile: Can be used for a wide range of activities, be it indoors or outdoors

How to Use

1. Ensure Tino Head Light is charged

2. Wear the Tino Head Light on head and turn on

3. Enjoy the balanced stream of light provided

Pro Tip

Use the motion sensor setting to easily turn on and off the light just with a hand gesture.