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Tino Interior Cloth x4

Tino Interior Cloth x4

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The Tino Interior Cloth utilizes the most leading-edge microfiber technology and innovations to create a edgeless, all-purpose, ultra-soft, and absorbent microfibre cloth sturdy and ready for any use.

Extremely premium in quality and can be used on the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

How to Use

1. Spray desired surface with Tino Interior Detailer (alternatively you can spray product directly to the Tino interior cloth to avoid over-spray)

2. Wipe over surface with a clean Tino Interior cloth

3. Turn Cloth over to a dry side and buff off (alternatively you can also use a separate cloth if preferred)

4. For more soiled areas, use Tino Interior Detailer with the Tino Scrub Pad and then dry with Tino Interior cloth


Clean in washing machine using heat below 40°c.

Pro Tip

Keep a Tino Interior Cloth alongside a bottle of Tino Interior Detailer in your glove box so that it is always ready for whenever you need it.