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Tino Interior Detailer

Tino Interior Detailer

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Tino Interior Detailer is a revolutionary and advanced formula that allows you to effortlessly clean all interior surfaces of a vehicle including leather, plastic, alcantara, vinyl & screens.

The Tino Interior Detailer is extremely easy to use and leaves no streaks or marks, it only leaves a clean and fresh surface behind, along with a beautiful scent.

Furthermore, it also has antimicrobial properties, which can allow for a germ-free finish in your interior.

How to Use

1. Spray desired surface with Tino Interior Detailer (alternatively you can spray product directly to the Tino interior cloth to avoid over-spray)

2. Wipe over surface with a clean Tino Interior cloth

3. Turn Cloth over to a dry side and buff off (alternatively you can also use a separate cloth if preferred)

4. For more soiled areas, use Tino Interior Detailer with the Tino Scrub Pad and then dry with Tino Interior clot

Pro Tip

Keep a bottle of Tino Interior Detailer in your glove box so that it is always ready, whenever you need it.