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Tino Microfiber Bundle

Tino Microfiber Bundle

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The Tino Microfiber Bundle provides you with excellent quality microfibers needed to clean and detail your car to a high standard

  • Premium Tino Scrub Pad (x3) To deep clean interior surfaces.
  • Versatile Tino Wash Mitts in 3 colours.
  • Absorbent Tino Drying Towel to easily dry the car.
  • Reliable Tino All Purpose Cloth (4x) for the dirtier sections.
  • Luxurious Tino Interior Cloth (4x) To touch up the interior.
  • Ultra-Soft Tino Buffing Cloth (4x) For removing wax/sealants.
  • Plush Tino Exterior Cloth (4x) To finish the exterior.
  • High-quality Tino Glass Cloth (4x) to cut through the streaks.

Transform your your vehicle with the Tino Microfiber Bundle - Taking your car care routine to a whole new level.

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