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Tino Pet Hair Remover

Tino Pet Hair Remover

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REMOVE EMBEDED FUR: The Tino Pet Hair Remover has been specially designed to easily remove embedded pet hair from the interior fabrics of your car.

THREE CLEANING MODES: It has three cleaning modes for small, medium and large pet hairs to ensure maximum efficiency.

RE-USABLE: Extremely durable and can be cleaned with water.

ERGONOMIC: Designed to fit well in the hand, reducing fatigue while using it, providing for a comfortable user experience.

How to Use

1. Use the Tino Pet Hair Remover to brush the carpet and remove the fur, brushing it and gathering it into one bunch

2. Use vacuum cleaner to remove bunch of fur or manually pick it away and dispose accordingly


Easy to clean, just rinse with water and dry.

Pro Tip

Try out each of the three sides of the Tino Pet Hair Remover to know which side is most usefull for your particular carpet and fur type.