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Tino Scrub Pad x3

Tino Scrub Pad x3

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EFFECTIVE: The Tino Scrub Pad seamlessly removes dirt and grit from interior surfaces, mainly leather, plastic, vinyl, alcantara, and upholstery, making the interior look like brand new.

FAST: Dirt and stains can be quickly removed with ease due to the advanced technological design of the Tino Scrub Pad

DEEP CLEAN: Fibers penetrate deep into the pores and grooves of plastics and leather to give it that deep clean and perfect finish

SAFE: High cleaning ability but still soft and gentle enough to not cause damage on
interior materials

VERSITILE: Use on car interior as well as household items such as shoes and sofas to give them that perfect finish.

How to Use

How to Use:

1. Spray desired surface with Tino Interior Detailer (alternatively you can spray product directly to the Tino Scrub Pad to avoid over-spray).

2. Scrub surface with the Tino Scrub Pad.

3. Use Tino Interior Cloth to dry the surface.


Rinse out with water and leave to air dry (do not wring out). Alternatively, clean in washing machine using heat below 40°c

Top Tip

When overly soilled, you can simply rinse the Tino Scrub Pad with water and re-use it