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Tino Snow Foam (500ml)

Tino Snow Foam (500ml)

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Tino Snow Foam is a high quality, thick snow foam, which is used as a pre wash in order to safely loosen, encapsulate and break down dirt on a vehicle.

Thick, foamy and luxurious, the Tino Snow Foam is not only a stunning sight to behold, it also uses the latest technology to provide an ultimate pre wash helps remove a large amount of dirt, dust and grime prior to the following stages of the wash.

How to Use

1. Dilute 1:8 with water in a snow foam cannon

2. Spray entire vehicle using snow foam cannon

3. Allow to dwell for 2-5 minutes

4. Remove thoroughly using pressure washer

5. Proceed to the next stages of the wash

Pro Tip

Use the Tino Snow Foam Cannon for maximum thickness.