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Tino Stiff Brush

Tino Stiff Brush

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STIFF: Can be used to provide a deep clean to tougher materials with stubborn dirt

VERSATILE: Can be used either on tyres (to deep clean the tyre wall) or carpets (to get into the fibers and give them a deep

DURABLE: Designed to last long and be reliable whenever needed

NO METAL: Only soft plastic to minimize the chance of scratching

CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Can be used with your favourite chemicals

ERGONOMIC: Designed to fit well in the hand, reducing fatigue while using it, providing for a comfortable user experience

How to Use

Carpets: First vacuum carpet then spray with your favourite carpet cleaner and use Tino Stiff Brush to agitate and clean the carpet fibers before extracting/drying

Tyres: Rinse tyres and then spray them with your favourite tyre cleaner or APC before scrubbing them down with the Tino Stiff Brush and rinsing off thoroughly

Do not: Cross contaminate - Do not use same brush on tyres then on carpets, or vice versa)


Easy to clean, just rinse with water and allow to dry

Pro Tip

You can use the Tino Stiff Brush to create carpet lines