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Tino Tyre Shine Brush

Tino Tyre Shine Brush

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PERFECT FINISH: Thousands of high quality brush hairs allow you to apply that perfectly even level of tyre shine

CLEANER HANDS: Innovative design allows you to avoid getting your hands covered in tyre shine

DURABLE: Built to last and can be used on many types of tyres, over a long period of time without shedding hairs

NO METAL: Only soft materials to minimize the chance of scratching

CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Can be used with your favourite chemicals

ERGONOMIC: Designed to fit well in the hand, reducing fatigue while using it, providing for a comfortable user experience

How to Use

1. Ensure tyre is clean and dry

2. Fill small container with 1cm Tino Ceramic Tyre shine

3. Dunk Tino Tyre Shine Brush into container (alternatively you can spray tyre shine directly onto the brush)

4. Push brush fibres along side of container to release excess tyre shine on brush

5. Coat entire tyre using the brush

6. Wipe-off any excess run-off on rims

7. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes

Pro Tip

Use the with the Tino Ceramic Tyre Shine for spectacular results