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Tino Wash Mitt

Tino Wash Mitt

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The Tino Wash Mitt is ultra-soft and safe for all exterior surfaces. It has the perfect weight, size and texture to allow you to glide over your cars paintwork, while safely removing the dirt.

Also, the Tino Wash Mitt is very easy to rinse and clean due to its advanced design which instantly releases the dirt into the water.

The different colours allow you to use the Tino Wash Mitts for different areas of the car, thus reducing cross contamination.

How to Use

1.Thoroughly rinse vehicle with water to remove any loose dirt and contamination

2.Add approximately 50ml of Tino Car Shampoo per 25L bucket of water & agitate mixture with pressure washer

3.Wash the entire vehicle with clean Tino Wash Mitts

4.Rinse the shampoo off the vehicle and proceed to the next stages of your detail


Place the Tino Wash Mitt on a clean surface and pressure wash on both sides. Alternatively, the Tino Wash Mitt can be cleaned in a washing machine using heat below 40°c

Pro Tip

Use the red Tino Wash Mitt for the upper surfaces of the car, blue for lower & black for the wheels.