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Tino Wheel Brush

Tino Wheel Brush

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ULTRA SOFT: Perfect for cleaning the inner barrel of your wheels without causing scratches to the finish

DURABLE: Built to last and can be used on many types of wheels, fitting into extremely small gaps

SAFE: Only soft materials to minimize the chance of scratching

CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Can be used with your favourite chemicals

ERGONOMIC: Designed to fit well in the hand, reducing fatigue while using it, providing for a comfortable user experience, while reducing splashing

How to Use

1.Ensure Wheel is cool to the touch

2.Spray wheel liberally with Tino Wheel Cleaner, avoiding the brake disks

3.Allow to dwell for up to 1 minute (do not allow product to dry)

4.Remove thoroughly using pressure washer. (Apply Tino Wheel cleaner again if the wheel is very dirty)

5.Use car shampoo, mitt and Tino wheel brush to clean any remaining contamination on wheels

6.Pressure wash wheel and repeat this process on next wheels

Pro Tip

Regularly rinse the Tino Wheel Brush when cleaning the wheels, this will prevent cross contamination between wheels and will produce a cleaner result.