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Tino Wheel Cleaner

Tino Wheel Cleaner

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Tino Wheel Cleaner is an advanced formula that allows you to effortlessly clean wheels and leave behind a great finish safely.

The dual action formula dissolves both dirt and brake dust as the the Tino Wheel Cleaner will instantly begin to react with the wheels which will turn a deep purple colour.

How to Use

1.Ensure Wheel is cool to the touch

2.Spray wheel liberally with Tino Wheel Cleaner, avoiding the brake disks

3.Allow to dwell for up to 1 minute (do not allow product to dry)

4.Remove thoroughly using pressure washer. (Apply Tino Wheel cleaner again if the wheel is very dirty)

5.Use car shampoo and mitt/brushes to clean any remaining contamination on wheels

6.Pressure wash wheel and repeat this process on next wheels

Pro Tip

Regularly rinse your brushes and mitts when cleaning the wheels, this will prevent cross contamination between wheels and will produce a cleaner result.