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Tino Ceramic Snow Foam

Tino Ceramic Snow Foam

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Tino Ceramic Snow Foam is a revolutionary formula that allows you to effortlessly apply 1-2 months of ceramic protection onto your vehicle through a snow foam lance.

Once applied to the vehicle, the hydrophobic effect will be clearly visible as water will begin to bead and/or sheet off of the vehicle, This allows the car to stay cleaner for longer and also allows the car to have a level of protection against the elements.

If you do not have a snow foam lance, then don't worry, Tino Ceramic Snow Foam can also be used in a spray bottle as a spray-on, rinse-off coating.

How to Use

1.Ensure vehicle is clean, still wet and also free of contaminants
2.Dilute product 1:5 with water in a snow foam lance (Or 1:10 in a spray bottle for spray on rinse off use)
2.Cover entire vehicle in Tino Ceramic Snow Foam
3.Rinse off the vehicle immediately and do not let product dry on vehicle
5.Dry the vehicle using a microfiber drying towel

Pro Tip

Be sure to not miss the wheels, this will keep them cleaner for longer and will make them easier to clean in the next wash.