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Tino Drying Towel

Tino Drying Towel

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The Tino Drying Towel is ultra soft, super absorbent and the perfect size and weight to
allow you to dry your car in the safest and most efficient way.

Extremely advanced microfiber technology has been used in order to allow the Tino Drying Towel to absorb considerable amounts of water with ease.

Furthermore the extremely soft material of the Tino Drying Towel allows for a safe and enjoyable experience while drying your car.

Size: (90cm x 55cm)

How to Use

1. Clean entire vehicle thoroughly.

2. Glide a clean Tino Drying Towel along the exterior surfaces of the wet vehicle and dry the entire vehicle.


Clean in washing machine using heat below 40°c. Do not place more than 4 drying towels in a washing machine at once.

Pro Tip

Use the Tino Ceramic Snow foam to make it even easier to dry your car.